Think Different

The world is fast transforming from hierarchical pyramid schemes to collaborative networks.

OneKPI believes that people flourish when working together on an equal footing, organised for the future.

Mastering the Art of Letting Go we created a solution that UNLEASHES Leadership from your heart. ❤️

Passionately Curious

Think BIG

Never EVER lose your imagination or clarity of your purpose when flying from A to B.

Times have never been better to dream BIG, set high standards and to “Fly Closer to the Sun” .✈️☀️

Accept you may never get there, but enjoy your first-class seat as you blend pleasure and meaning daily.

Modestly Confident

THINK Simple

Data and information are like dust, distracting you from what matters.

99% of businesses are still managed by Yesterday's measures of success from the Left-Brain alone.

Our Art is to simplify complexity and create cultures of triple-crown winning conditions using just OneKPI that's just impossible to miss. 🎯

Mildly Obsessed with #simple

We all start at ZERO...

When my childhood dream of becoming a pilot fell through; I became a financial controller instead.

Playing around with powerful software, I found myself in a leadership job fast, exploring the world as a CFO and High Flying Dutchman inspiring others to Let Go of control. 🧘🏻‍♂️

At 28 I landed a seat in the Boardroom and went on to grow with IBM/Cognos becoming the undisputed leader in the $Bn Software industry globally.

When my daughters arrived, I gave priority to family life and pursued a more meaningful life in a beautiful place called Noosa.

Today, I love working on my own terms helping others UNLEASH their Leadership with OneKPI and make life more #simple ❤️ enjoying champagne for breakfast.🥂


Leadership made #simple

Who doesn't want to work on their own terms?