Think Different

As people, we are transforming to organise in decentralised sharing economy networks, collaborating on a more equal footing.

OneKPI helps you Master the Art of Letting Go by changing the way you measure success from Management to Leadership.

We help you develop and navigate a new path to sustainable prosperity.

Passionately Curious

Think BIG

In One way or another, we are all travelling from A to B.

OneKPI inspires BIG THINKING to set higher standards, applying your innate intuition and Spiritual Intelligence.

“Fly Closer to the Sun” and you will see further ahead with great clarity allowing you to create the winning conditions to realise your business' highest potential on purpose.

Modestly Confident

THINK Simple

Despite all this data and information available to us, many are distracted from what really matters in life.

Our Art is to simplify complexity with a proven formula that reverse engineers your flight path, cultivating confidence in the inevitability of your success.

Your unique OneKPI becomes the target that is simply impossible to miss!

Mildly Obsessed with #simple

How did we get here?

When my plan to becoming a pilot fell through, I became a finance guy at Cognos instead.

Playing around with powerful software and rich databases in my twenties, I quickly landed in Executive Leadership as CFO, travelling the world to work with peers and  help them simplify their Corporate Reporting.

When IBM/Cognos became the undisputed world leader in Business Intelligence and Performance Management, I had the privilege to work with CFO's of the world's largest organisations and I developed the ultimate Enterprise Performance Management solution with OneKPI.

OneKPI delivers superior management consulting services with a proven methodology to cut costs, save time and eliminate distractions.  #simple ❤️ 


Ready to simplify your business?

Contact me to arrange an Enterprise Performance Audit One Day.

I perform a health check of your Corporate Reporting helping you eliminate distractions, cut costs, save time AND inform your strategy.

I look forward to working with you!

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