Think Different

People are awakening to the need to transform our beliefs, systems and processes to start organising for a new decentralised future that is heart centred, where we work together on an equal footing, rooted in truth.

noosagoals helps you Master the Art of Letting Go of Yesterday and to redefine success beyond wealth. Our light work is illuminating shady darkness and is inspired with divine Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).

Passionately Curious

Think BIG

Our lifetime personal development has three separate stages. From newborn seed to independence, the adoption of the mind-made ego, transactional and with boundaries, to ultimately transcend the egoic mind, and to selflessly serve humanity on a higher soul purpose, curing earth with love. That is your ultimate success, fulfilled.

noosagoals inspires you to THINK BIGGER, applying your intuition in alignment with your higher self, Flying Closer to the Sun.

Modestly Confident

THINK Simple

Our simple three step process reverse engineers your measure of success in a balanced, multi-dimensional and exponentially way.

Once you see the light, you become aware of the incredible sovereign power you posess, to liberate yourself from the constraints of yesterday's corrupted social order/chaos.

noosagoals is supported with OneKPI, a target you simply cannot miss, even if it kills you (your ego).

Mildly Obsessed with #simple

About Michael

When my dream of becoming an airline pilot fell through, I landed an international accounting job in the high-tech industry instead.

A former Dutch Rubiks Cube champion, I became the youngest player of extremely powerful business intelligence data-cubes. In no time, I was promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and started travelling the world first-class helping other multinationals and governments' executives simplify and grow their business.

Privileged yet already unfulfilled in my thirties I fired my boss, prioritised family life in stunning Noosa on the Sunshine Coast to discover a new measure for success, aligned with a higher purpose.

noosagoals was born, the ultimate Spiritual Transformation agency, helping people make better decisions to Cure the Earth with Love.

#simple ❤️ ☀️


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