The Age of Unconditional Love …

We’re living in amazing times, but for a while too few people were happy…

Despite all the technology, resources, knowledge and experience the old world only benefited a select few. Income inequality got out of control and kept increasing, up to a point where even some plutocrats started raising alarm bells (Read Nick Hanuaer’s article: “The pitchforks are coming…”).

In hindsight, it was real easy to predict that the industrial complex was never going to be sustainable, but one had to take a global big picture view about the geo political landscape, monetary policy, social inequality and the failing protection of children’s rights.

Now that all is being exposed with Godspeed, we can start looking forward to the dawn of a new era where all of our institutional systems will be transmuted or migrated over to new quantum systems with sustainability and far greater equality in mind.

After all, God never intended humanity to live in conflict for too long.

We can all look out to a new Golden Age, in harmony of interest where unconditional love between beings is being restored.

Michael ☀️❤️