michael kwaaitaal

extreme leadership

More balls than most ...

As CFO of a Bn$ High Tech Software firm in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management Michael developed a unique leadership style based on reality distortion and positive deviance.

The strongest attribute to Michael's success is his unique ability to inspire others to realise their full potential.

With a healthy disrespect for authority, experience and past results, Michael thinks lightspeed fast only to come up with the most sophisticated strategies and solutions to complex challenges.

Jaguar XJ8


the ultimate sophistication

Massive Transformative Purpose

Without one, your business is floundering

Extreme Leadership

Love, Courage and Curiosity

Confidence of a unicorn

You don't stand out, by fitting in.

Data is dust

Exponentials don't buy into hypes.

one value

to reinvent the world and make it better for our children

Inspired by Love

There's no point showing up for anything less.